NBC 2023

We were thrilled to be active participants and sponsors of the prestigious National Barista Championship, a vibrant event held at Orion Mall on February 18-19, 2023. Baristas from all corners of the country eagerly participated in the competition, creating an exciting atmosphere. As sponsors, we provided specially roasted coffee for several contestants, contributing to the uniqueness of their performances.

The competition was not only a showcase of barista skills but also an immersive experience featuring engaging activities, music, dance, and, of course, an abundance of coffee. At our dedicated coffee stall within the event, we introduced freshly brewed speciality coffee to the attendees, allowing them to savour the distinct flavours.

Events like the National Barista Championship are not just spectacles; they are valuable opportunities to connect with professionals and enthusiasts who are keen to explore diverse coffee options and deepen their understanding of the art of coffee making. Our active involvement in such events reflects our commitment to fostering a vibrant coffee community and sharing our passion for exceptional coffee experiences.