The inaugural of First Ever “Indian Filter Coffee Championship” stands as a monumental and culturally significant occasion, dedicated to the art and science of perfecting the traditional Indian filter coffee. Proudly orchestrated by Bayar’s Coffee, Harley Estate, and Christ University, with staunch support from the Coffee Board of India, this event is a vibrant celebration of the rich and diverse coffee culture in India, particularly centered around the iconic “Filter Kaapi.”

This championship, aimed at promoting, encouraging, and nurturing the skills involved in the traditional craft of Indian coffee-making, has evolved into a delightful celebration of this beloved beverage. Enthusiasts of filter coffee actively participated in the competition, engaging in preliminary rounds hosted at Christ University on September 14-15, 2023. The historic finals of this competition unfolded for the first time at the WORLD COFFEE CONFERENCE 2023 held at Bangalore Palace, adding an extra layer of significance to this unique event.

With over 30 participants registered, the competition saw the shortlisting of 6 finalists who competed in the iconic Bangalore Palace. The judging panel, featuring Chef Abhijit Saha, Celebrity Food Vlogger Mr. Kripal Amana, Coffee Expert Ms. Helena Oliviero from Italy, and Mr. Sreeram, a passionate coffee enthusiast, faced the challenging task of selecting the winner of the First Ever Indian Filter Coffee Championship. The deserving champion was honored with a trophy and a cash prize, adding a crowning touch to this remarkable celebration of India’s filter coffee culture.